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GoDaddy Free USA Number - Trick by Hashtag Sajid

Hi Guys, How Are You I hope you are well So Today Am gonna show
How to Get Free USA phone number from GoDaddy for Free So Lets Go.

What Is GoDaddy?

GoDaddy is the worlds largest Hosting and Domain Seller.

What you need to Trick GoDaddy?

This BIN for USA CCard  BIN : 44xxxxxxxxx (Click to See)

CC Generator Website

USA VPN APP : In our previous Post of PUBG lite you will Find UFO VPN

Fake Address Generator Website USA (Any Website will Work)

Temp Mail Website 

Below The Simple Step I tell you :-

Connect your VPN to USA California or Los Angeles

Go to Godaddy.com and Visit Second Line Section from Nav Bar menu

Choose A Number

Signup with Temp Mail

At the Payment Page Use Any CC Generator with Above BIN Give (Click On The Number to See
full bin)

Paste The Card Number and Proceed to Pay

If Payment Failed Re-Generate Card Again and Try it frequently if payment failed once you done the payment you number will activated within 10 mins

If you have any query mail us : [email protected] 

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